Sunday surprise update

Good day everybody! I already have an update ready to be released. Initially I planned to use the weekend to make progress with my current Post-Rock track. Although I managed to build up a rough arrangement indeed, something else and totally unrelated came up out of nowhere.


So when I was just doing an equipment check in between two takes, I fiddled with various effect settings in my DAW with the guitar still plugged in to the audio interface. After playing some bits from my work-in-progress song, I felt like going elsewhere and lost myself playing a sustained and heavily distorted guitar riff. I spontaneously decided to record as I played, so I captured everything in one take.

Recently I repeatedly listened to Om again and looked out for drone/doom music, maybe that’s where the influence eventually showed up… As far as I can evaluate it, not many people will like today’s update track, as it is not my typical genre. But I had fun creating it and felt like sharing can’t hurt. Better this way than having it die off on my hard drive.

Now I still have something else for you, another music tip: Dutch heavy rock band Sungrazer with a fantastic video of song called If. I found this track to be really catchy, so I clicked the repeat button many times.

Okay, enough for today. Now have a nice stay here and leave a comment if you wish.


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