The Catalaunian Fields

Hey everybody! Today you will get to hear a new song. It is the guitar track I have written about in my last post and as I promised, I managed to complete it this week. So here’s the story.

The Catalaunian Fields:

“The Catalaunian Fields” was born in a spontaneous guitar jam that I recorded to try out a few different settings with my space echo. When I realized I could make something serious out of it, the initial idea was to get it done before the 1st of May. Well as you can tell, that didn’t work, because I had some additional plans in mind about where I’d want to take the song to. The first part of the track was meant to be based on the calm and peaceful melody I recorded with the space echo. But then halfway through the track, around the 2 minute mark, I wanted to alter the atmosphere a bit. What you can hear there is a change from D major to D phrygian mode, which gives the song a nice mystical and melancholic touch. The progression I used from there on was actually a bit old already, I created it a while ago and stored it for later use (yeah, it really pays off in the end :-)). The mood change also allowed me to introduce a heavier tone, that is the climax of the song. I wanted this one to be huge sounding and to have this epic feel, that’s why I chose a synth pad to play chords of the progression in the background. It didn’t take too long for me to come up with the main riff, pretty straight forward and abraisive. By now you should notice I am using Drop D tuning on my guitar ;-). Once the riff was recorded and in place, I worked out a solo over it (which brings us back again to the reason why the song wasn’t done by the end of April…). Although it did take some time, I had a surprisingly good workflow – implication: patience +4. So the solo is fine and all, but what next? When the climax of the song comes to an end and you hear the distorted guitar slowly fading away, the last section of the song begins: the outro. If you didn’t already recognize them in the second part of the song, then maybe this is the right time to mention the ambient noises I used all throughout the song. They are made of various chimes, bird and cricket sounds and waterfall noises, all found on freesound. If you listen closely, you will notice how the background noises transform along with the general mood change at around 2mins. The idea was to make it feel like it’s suddenly night time, whereas in the beginning it felt like early in the morning. With the outro, the guitar returns to a clean tone like in the beginning of the song, but now with a much more desolate atmosphere.

Well, that’s all there is to say about this track. I hope you enjoy it. Until next time.


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